28 April 2007


Today! Grimsby! Book-fair! Imminent Fame and Fortune with fellow-book-makers, lovely old ladies, errant literate teenagers, and, erm, other people! Books! Hand-made books! Knitting! WEEHOOO!!

23 April 2007

London Whores: #3

A Bike Accident of Gargantuan Proportion. (relatively speaking)

Circa 12.30pm, College/Spadina, Toronto.
I remember almost nothing of the event, and rely on Coco for details, who bore witness to the whole atrocity.
There we were, standing at a red-light at the corner of Spadina and College. She turned her head for one minute and turned back to see me lying beneath my bike, foot attached to pedal, between road and sidewalk; there was only a momentary pause before i resumed my chatter about something of obviously Great Importance.
The cause of this unique and unprecedented incident remains unclear, although it was pointed out at lunchtime soon after that perhaps my bike had at last made its long awaited stand on rankling relationship issues, taking the strategic immobile and relatively innocuous moment to leap on top of me and pin me to the ground:
"bloody one-sided relationship! All you do is Ride and Ride and RIDE me, AND YOU'RE ALWAYS ON TOP!!"

Both bike and rider went unharmed, and the former has been assuaged with a tightening of its clips and an affectionate pat on the saddle.

well, birds do do it...

I sighted the most remarkable thing yesterday, the likes of which I might never before this have fathomed.
Two sparrows were...erm...celebrating spring (an anomalous sight; I had always perceived them as a chaste and guileless lot) on a branch outside my window.

(I almost got a photo of it and then felt like a pornographer and stopped.)
(Ok, the sun reflected off the window and the photo didn't work.)

But what balance. what equilibrium. What HUSSIES!

This morning, only one of them is sitting on the same branch, and s/he is Utterly Dishevelled.
Like, Twice the Size mit ruffled plumage.
Plumping and pruning away, it's like seeing a bum with a hangover straighten his shirt, or rather, her tail feathers.

At last, SPRING!!! ***

***an edited version of this first vignette appeared in an email to one Ozcar Wildeflower III, before which I hadn't realized this information really should be shared with the world at large. stef lenk 2007. All rights reserved.

22 April 2007

and just in case you missed below


there's still hope.

i tell you, it's All happening in London.

someone else said this to me, sometime, somewhere. (Coco?)

Julia Roberts is 38!! [sigh] I remember when she was just a hooker with a dream.