20 January 2007

on the variegated nature of the prefix eune

231079 (aka Coco) and I were discussing the similiarities between the words eunoia and eunuch the other day. She of course, while i was no doubt lying prone and useless under something heavy, went forth and researched Eunoia, and came up with these facts, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Eunoia is the shortest English word containing all five main vowel graphemes. It comes from the Greek word (insert incomprehensible alphabet here) which means "well mind". It is a rarely used medical term referring to a state of normal mental health. In book eight of Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle uses the term (in Greek) to refer to the kind and benevolent feelings of goodwill a spouse has which form the basis for the ethical foundation of human life.[1]

hmm. kind and benevolent.

To which I shall now add a few sundry words about "eunuch".
A eunuch is a castrated man; the term usually refers to those castrated in order to perform a specific social function, as was common in many societies of the past...In some societies, the notion of eunuch has been expanded to include men who are impotent with women or are simply celibate.

The English word eunuch is from the Greek
eune ("bed") and ekhein ("to keep"), effectively "bed keeper."

May I point out that eunuch is based on the Greek word "eune" which is bed. Although Wikipedia doesn't translate (strange greek word here), which Eunoia is based on, perhaps it is "bed"?
This would of course lend credence to my theory that a state of normal mental health involves being perpetually asleep.

Which of course, given that I am sitting here typing this and am not in my bed right now, is proof positive that I am Truly certifiable.

15 January 2007

iFascists and a nostalgia for the humble mixed tape.

Because of these poxy limitations on iTunes purchased music, my mixed cd from 163478 (product of Saturday's hostage situation) is only four songs strong, with a bleeding 21 defunct due to the need to authorize authorize AUTHORIZE. Like iTunes were even the "authors" in the first place. Grrr.
And as 163478 so aptly put it, sharing is not just for personal use.


oh yeah, and I'm nostalgic for mixed tapes.


snow snow snow SNOW (little musical notes of glee here) Snow SNOW snow snoW sNOW SNOW!!!! YEEEEEHHHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Snow that covers the ground! Snow that is mushy and brown in the roads!!! Snow that makes people honk their horns malevolently!!! SNOOOOOWWWWW!!!

on the logic of karma.

Had a discussion the other day about karma, which I am beginning to hate the concept of. Karma has always seemed a rational process to me. Something happens and i think to myself, oh! that's because I did such and such before. Karma. And then everything makes sense and all seems right with the world.

The other day an alternative train of thought was pointed out to me. What if karma is NOT why said happening took place? What if my logic is completely wrong, and said happening was about as related to me as that box that fell over in the closet last week, while i was sitting all the way across the room?

The scary thing about believing in karma is that there is no one out there to argue with your logic. And if it makes "sense" to you, it's really hard to dispel.

But you could be Wrong.

Being wrong is a distinct (and not necessarily unpleasant) possibility.