15 January 2007

iFascists and a nostalgia for the humble mixed tape.

Because of these poxy limitations on iTunes purchased music, my mixed cd from 163478 (product of Saturday's hostage situation) is only four songs strong, with a bleeding 21 defunct due to the need to authorize authorize AUTHORIZE. Like iTunes were even the "authors" in the first place. Grrr.
And as 163478 so aptly put it, sharing is not just for personal use.


oh yeah, and I'm nostalgic for mixed tapes.


RSS said...

Hey. That means you can't even burn a CD with songs purchased from iTunes? Even THAT they take from you? That's absurd. I'm shocked! It is as if Apple were a greedy, greedy monkey. (I really am shocked. Disappointed too.)

Also: how come 163478 got to be assigned a number? Maybe some others would like to be assigned a number. Like me. Numbers are much cooler than initials. I'd just like to be consulted.

steflenk said...

oh don't you worry. 163478 is nothing special. I refer you to this post , or this one,even, to discover that you too, have a number, dear 231079.
I was contemplating making you all stand in a prison line with chalkboards and said numbers, wearing stripey hats and suits and a vaguely threatening expression...
And yes, Apple is a Greedy Greedy monkey. Still trying to acertain cd situation. Will let you know anon.

clicclic said...

needless to say, I find Apple's smug (and unannounced) funeral for the cd mix only a slightly bigger kick in the eye than the death of the mix tape. I discovered this the hard way after receiving an affectionate mix from overseas. "Dear Sir, thank you for the one playable song..."

Speaking of which - Did you get my package?!?!?! Someone else is going to get a kick in the eye if you didn't (are you listening Mr/Mrs. CanadaPost person?)

steflenk said...

i didn't i DIDN'T!! if this is you 073666, i did NOT get your package. And I thought of it with much woe in my heart yesterday, when I received another letter that I had been excitedly awaiting. What a strange age of faithlessness; I find myself sending premonitory emails of my postal exploits, just in case...and now, there is no letter! No package!! BALLS!