27 December 2006

clever little me.

well, i didn't make too many gifts this christmas, and i haven't yet given them all to their recipients, so some remain unspoken of. I did knit a pair of very lumpy armwarmers for one friend ("you gave her your time and your love! R said. ah yes, that is my time and love, crooked and lumpy, with strings hanging out everywhere.) gave a drawing from the past to another friend (said friend has suggested I should refer to my friends as numbers, so as to avoid privacy issues. so, to friend 163478, i gave a piece of history), and i...well, you will have to re-visit, dear readers if you want to know what friend 231079 got for Christmas.
But back to my armwarmers, I did redeem myself to their recipient with these what I thought to be rather clever t-shirt transfers, made by scanning scrabble letters into funny little tidbits relevant to their recipients. The first two for a couple dedicated to most persistent scrabble challenging, the third for a fellow fan of Jeannette Winterson's powerbook ("carbon-based primitive in a silicon world"), and for myself, 'coz i had some extra transfer paper, the last most timely warning.


the Doctor said...

Yes well, I feel honoured, 778, to have received a 'piece of history'. A very good and special gift indeed. Although I am going to tell everyone it's Johnny Depp, your know, because from behind....
You're a real talent and true friend 778... I'll be seeing you for some whoing.
- 163478

steflenk said...

I only gave it to you because of your professed...affection...for Mister Depp.
Right as always. Sigh. I'm brilliant.