30 December 2006

The Glorious and Scathingly Brilliant Who.

Mr. (Tom) Baker of course.
Presently 70 and living in Tunbridge Wells.
Hear him sing "How Soon is Now" here.

And whilst listening, read below for the pithy pleasures he entertained me with this evening. Be still my enamoured (although un-bescarfed) neck.

the Doctor (the Real one):
i've been tied to pillars by better men than you, captain.

good looks are no substitute for a sound character.

Bafflegab, my dear!

It's an economic miracle, of course it's wrong.

His compatriots:
do you mean they slammed him to the wall with "good vibrations"?

I'm concentrating on the doctor's mind, don't disturb me.

And the arch villains, occasionally rife with cleverness themselves. (Although not quite so dreamy. They don't wear the scarf, after all.)

you dare to lay the rotting fruits of your own incompetence at my door?

your manner appeals only to the homicidal side of my nature.

by the left frontal lobe of the fiery demon, Fibuli!


(and this from the New Who)
go canoodle her spoon, or whatever it is you British do.

voice-mail dooms us all.


the Doctor said...

yes.. well.. ahem.. I might point out that it was NOT me who spoke of the rotting fruits of incompetence but rather that horrific captain. Nonetheless I am glad to see you have been taking note of my words... they will take you far my dear.

steflenk said...

i stand (and have) corrected.
Now, mind your avatar doesn't corrupt your identity too wildly, good sire. Although you are wise, you have yet to reach 70 and live in Tunbridge Wells with a forty foot scarf! sigh.