15 January 2007

on the logic of karma.

Had a discussion the other day about karma, which I am beginning to hate the concept of. Karma has always seemed a rational process to me. Something happens and i think to myself, oh! that's because I did such and such before. Karma. And then everything makes sense and all seems right with the world.

The other day an alternative train of thought was pointed out to me. What if karma is NOT why said happening took place? What if my logic is completely wrong, and said happening was about as related to me as that box that fell over in the closet last week, while i was sitting all the way across the room?

The scary thing about believing in karma is that there is no one out there to argue with your logic. And if it makes "sense" to you, it's really hard to dispel.

But you could be Wrong.

Being wrong is a distinct (and not necessarily unpleasant) possibility.

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