13 December 2006

small moment of petty, immature, gossipy Bliss.

When i was in publishing school two years ago, we had a class discussion towards the end of the year about the term assignments/workload etc. At the time we were putting together two issues of a 24 page magazine. I was happy and lucky enough to be art director of one of said issues, until I realized this meant collecting stuff from 40 different people who were also battling their own strained schedules, most of whom didn't know computers super well (including myself, at times) which created difficulties, whilst trying to please them all in terms of how the magazine looked, and doing 5 or whatever other classes and full-time work as well.
I suggested that perhaps the project could be structured differently in the future, since the work load was disparate, depending on the positions each student had.
One of my more clever "colleagues", who had procured herself the "magazine launch party" planning position, put up her hand and loudly announced to the whole class that I was obviously not capable of handling the work load because I had never finished university. I turned to her and said WHAT?!?! (font size indeterminably large), the whole class went silent, and then the teacher, a diplomatic sort, glossed over the whole thing and we moved on.

So tonight, there is no way for me to contain myself after somehow hearing that the impertinent cow just got a chin implant.
That's right. A chin implant. Of Course.
I Fucking Love It.


Audrey said...

That chin will take her all the way to the top! Have you seen it? It's glossy with a perfect structure -- AND it's university educated too.
Best chin EVER!

steflenk said...

haha! i'm sure i'd be jealous if i wasn't so stupid! WEEEEHAAA!!!

steflenk said...

it's just...So....Perfect. SO perfect.