12 March 2007

FUBAR re-training module.

Today's lunchtime topic of discussion with dear Coco was apropos of me finally pinpointing the one thing that makes me completely, irrevocably, and pretty much Constantly FUBAR: ambiguity. That is, unfinished communications, stranded messages, stray emails, who went where, what happened then, what will happen next etc etc. This lack of foresight is completely untenable to me. Like, losing-years-of-my-life-stressing-over-it untenable.

Being a dear friend, Coco decided that the best way to be of help was a re-training strategy. You know, little lessons in loving and living with the unknown.

(scenario: Coco arrives for dinner one night and promptly ties stef to a chair and blindfolds her, and then runs around the place banging things.)

Coco: "You don't know, do you? And you CAN'T know! You Can't. You just have to LIVE WITH IT."

(scenario: stef comes home one evening to find that everything in her house has been hidden.)

stef: "WHERE'S MY OVEN?!?"
Coco: "You don't know, do you? You just have to accept this, stef. Live with the mystery. LIVE with it."

(scenario: stef somehow finds herself sitting amidst many trees in a foreign land.)

stef: "WHERE AM I?!?"
Coco: "You can't know."
stef: "But, who are these guerilla armies advancing towards me through the jungle?"
Coco: "You can't know that either. And you just have to be OKAY with it."
stef: (sigh)

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