09 December 2006

small victories.

For almost two months I have been unsuccessfully calling Annex Property Management, the people who deal with my old apartment building (yes googlers, that's ANNEX PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, or perhaps if you google "Incompetent Dickheads" you would arrive at the same agency.) It's about my rent-interest cheque, a measly $60, but they have been negligent for my entire tenancy, and assholes to boot, so now it's the principle of the matter.
They had, of course, not returned one phone call.
And so, upon vacating the building, I decided that the gate key (a special security gate key that is costly to replicate) would come with me, as well as my apartment and mail keys.
And today i get a phone call from the above, telling me that (shocker) they still have my rent-interest cheque, and perhaps I could meet up with the superintendent and make a "swap"?

small victories, dear reader(s). It's all about the small victories.


lifted said...

often it's the small victories that create change. I think...

steflenk said...

in the hopes that that is true, ONE DOWN!