03 December 2006

someone's purple bum.

went to an art opening tonight at the Wallace space, and amidst the countless wonderful installations was a wall with four squares cut out in it, two of which framed human skin in different, changing capacities over the course of the night. When I arrived up at the wall, people were deliberating over the one, which was a purple poke-worthy bit that seemed much like a belly. Some strange lady and I had a mini-debate over whether it was a belly or a bum, which of course ended in me going up and poking said unknowable body part, which was covered in purple body paint.
Moments later the portion of skin shifted, and what appeared in the square frame?
a bum crack, ladies and gentlemen.
a bum crack.
i poked a purple bum this evening.
could i be Any More Bohemian?

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