26 January 2007

enthusiasm binges

It occured to me today that I may have a strange affliction: enthusiasm binges.
I have been indulging them lately, in a manic frenzy of over-activity. Book-making, letter-writing, scarf knitting, pot-plant planting, web-site building, manic-hard-drive organization.
I mean MANIC.
Rational thought will have NO ESCAPE from this evening's organizational tactics.
And though this may sound just peachy to some, I am really not quite sure. It's getting excessive.

I really need to get cable. Or perhaps the motivation to figure out how this television I was loaned actually gets even the basic channels, which I haven't quite had the patience to do yet.

Anyhow, I'm not sure what all this means, but I did feel the need to post a vague concern.

I suppose this productivity does keep me in tow over the winter months, and alleviates some work worries I've been having.
I googled enthusiasm binges, anyhow. Only got four hits: two blogs and two dead ends. So if it's an ailment, I'm the only one who has it. (sigh) Great. Oh, would that I were a normal human being!

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