09 January 2007

the One Night Stands, an official announcement.

So now. The show is up AND the books are done, but Rubbishy Christ. I bound them by hand, a task which left me with a mixed feeling of bliss (fun to do) and Utter Futility (About 5 hours of fiddling, for a meagre 13 books.)
That's 13 Very Lucky People, that's all I have to say. Or not, depending on how good my binding turned out in the end.

Printmakers of the world would be right to be appalled.
As would many, and not just at my bookbinding skills.

Anyhow. Go check out the drawings. They're in the art window 'til the end of the month. The drawings are for sale; I'm running out of room to store 'em all, so if you have rich friends, drag them with you. Point out how enticing said millionaires will seem to colleagues, exes,mortal enemies, if they hang a sleeping stranger above their mantel.

In the meanwhile, and since you've read this far, I'm using the cover image (above) as a Rorschacht to discover the true/inner nature of you, my dear reader(s). What do you see in the fabric on the cover?
I've had three answers so far; a sweater, intestines, a corpse (three guesses on who saw the corpse).

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steflenk said...

And to begin, this comment from my stilt-walking teacher:

I can't comment as I can't see the security picture, probably because I'm listening to internet radio and it's not loading properly.

Anyway, it's obviously a litter of Labrador puppies. Mind you, the colour is a little off.

You've neglected to mention that in addition to "vaguely sinister" you've also turned a relatively harmless idea into something that LOSES MONEY! A proud artistic achievement. Stop complaining. Go get a grant. It's all your fault for not using personal initiative. Why aren't you rich? (the previous statement need not have any association with actual reality)

Post this for me if you like.