31 January 2007

the UCCS; a most civilized event of a Saturday eve.

I haven't the witty wherewithal to post fully on this, for the moment, but I had the privilege of joining (via my pseudo-caricature Pippa Ellsworth Marigold, Esquirée) a Upper Canada Chap Society party celebrating the return of their founder, one Ozcar Wildeflower III, on Saturday night. Held at the Library bar at the Royal York Hotel, the revelry was over 23 personages strong, all of them decked out in full regalia, indulging in G &T's, Pimms, and, ahem...plenty of cucumbers.
Check out correspondence leading to the event as well as the event itself here. Alas, there are no photos of my costumed self, due to the fact that I was behind my camera, but I'm hoping fervently that some other members will post their own photos of the event in the near future. We shall see.
I will say though, that it is one of the first times in an AGE that I walked into a room full of strangers and was able to hold my own (COMFORTABLY) in a conversation, with nary a concern over my ignorance of the latest on television, newspaper or tabloid. Bliss and Glee!

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