28 February 2007

we now return to our regularly scheduled banalities.

Scanning down this blog, i realize i've been going on about cultural outings at great length of late, and sounding like a wanker. (well, to me at least. and i read this blog too, you know.)
So enough of that.
It's time to get back to Real Life, and post some daily banal events that make blogs so...bloggy.

Today i saw a great big man wearing a white bella clava and a camouflage puff-daddy coat (okay, i don't know if it was a puff-daddy coat 'coz i don't know what puff-daddy looks like 'coz i live under a rock, but the coat looked like what i imagine someone named puff-daddy would wear).
Anyhow. Said man, in said bella-clava, with said "puff-daddy" coat, was tearing down the sidewalk in a little automized wheelchair vehicle, that was about half the size of him. He was downright RECKLESS and nearly took down an old lady and an OCAD student, all at once.

And I thought it was funny.

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A note from The Editor:

Your spelling of "balaclava" is about one of my favourite ever (among improved spellings, that is). It's infinitely more charming and more appropriate (somehow the other always seems like it should be a horrifying torture mechanism or a marvellous and strange musical instrument from the East, or possibly something good to eat, but that has to do with baklava I think; yours sounds like stylish dress.) Love Coco the Neurotic Spelling Corrector/Commenter xoxoxo