02 March 2007

It's lunch-time and Coco is not here.

Which gives me no recourse except this bloody blog.
Walking home yesterday i saw a man moping along with a giant blue snow-shovel. I thought this a rather clever thing, given the state of the sidewalks, althought he was swinging it around in a way that was also vaguely disconcerting, especially as I tromped by him.
Then this morning, on my way to work, i saw him again, still with the shovel, this time clearing away watery muck as he walked.
I wonder if he thinks that he has to clear a new path through his life every day, just so he can get through it all.


RSS said...

Oh my goodness. I think I saw this fellow. I too stopped, stared, and puzzled. He ran a narrow but courageous path along Dundas. The shovel appeared to be leading him to better things. I last saw him heading east.

All best wishes for you and your poor-suffering-illness self,


steflenk said...

oh goodness. All i need is a blue snow-shovel it seems, then. And perhaps to move further east!