19 March 2007

beyond the 1-mile radius of my sofa.

In an attempt to coerce in the springtime and escape the threat of queenWest-hipster-deadbeatdom i cycled out to Riverdale Farm today (24minutes6seconds4redlights)
I could have sworn they used to have a mini-zoo out there, you know, emus, shaggy wildebeests, two-toed sloths, but I guess I confused it with High Park zoo. **
Or maybe Queen West.
Anyhow. The glut of Strollerbabies (one word) was not remarkably different from the Strollerbabies on Roncesvalles, but the quality of air was refreshing, and I certainly couldn't boast of seeing baby goats up Ronceys way.
Also noteable were the unusual bits of architecture and sundries, which hearken back to what seems like a significantly more interesting time.

retro bicycle mit Implement.


old-style hipster living.

all this, some stewing over the new comic, AND the Jet Fuel, too. Indeed.

**ed. note: have received two confirmations that the mini zoo still exists. Praise be.

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