09 April 2007

goddamit. One more. On the advent of "rasping pepperpot overlords"

Click here for a fantastic article forwarded to me about new electronic scrutinisers that the Brits will be putting up on street corners in the near future. They are CCTV cameras that scream at you when you break the rules. I'm particularly impressed that according to news reports, "children's voices are to be used initially to make the encounter less confrontational".
The columnist who wrote the article, Charlie Brooker, obviously a Very nifty sort (I love him), points out that "it's not yet clear whether the children's voices will address miscreants using formal language ("Attention, citizen: you are committing a felony; you have 20 seconds to desist") or in "kid speak" ("You're a bad man and I'm telling on you and my dad's going to tear your head off").
He has proposed that they make the cameras into daleks. Roving daleks to keep the population in line. Colour coded to signify the degree of infractions (yes, i'm taking the money out of this article link, but what if you don't click on it, dear reader(s)? You would miss it ALL!!!) Blue dalek=minor transgressions (minor shocks and warnings), red daleks = real crimes: (emotionless killing machines).
Screw London. Makes me want to move to Barking or Ipswich.

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