29 November 2006

baring benediction and blessings upon my confreres

And, upon my acceptance!

Most esteemed chaps,

On this dreary Sunday afternoon have I put aside my Conan Doyle for the moment (Over the years Mr Doyle has been kind enough to offer me bounteous private romps between his (dust)covers, where I am privy to hours of insightful stimulation by a fine chap called Holmes, and on special occasions his doctor friend as well.)
But anon!
It is with no small heave of my ample bosom that i thank you vociferously for allowing me admittance to your fine ranks. I only hope I can live up to the fine standards I have caught but a glimpse of during these past few days, whilst anxiously awaiting the decision of the UCCA's inner circle on the status of my application.

I thank Vivian Pickleford the Grenedier for second, thirding and fourthing the motion. (dabbing eye to hanky) It has been such a rarity for me to see such alacrity in acceding this my modest petition, and from a Grenedier no less!

And thank you to Penchance Polyflute the Loinhearted for his efficient communiques, calming my flummoxed nerves with updates as my application passed through the ranks.

And I'd like to thank the academy, and my long-dead cat Pushkin, and, Douglas Furrier for initiating the process and quelling my disquietude that perchance my application might prove bootless.

And with that I raise my skirts, ahem, my glass, in salute to you all, and may your collective panache permeate my email inbox for a long time to come.

Pox upon the Vulgoise!

yrs incessantly,
Missus Pippa Ellsworth Marigold - Urban Esquiré, Lady of the South

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