29 November 2006

Sunday, 26 November, 1.08am, courtesy of Rebecca Silver Slayter.

This is not a joke.
(Rebecca's cat, for those you as yet unenlightened), with I swear absolutely zero input from Conrad or I, woke up today and decided from now on he was going to use the people toilet to pee. I shit you not. The first time it happened, we just heard the sound and went in to find Tomas exiting the bathroom, and the unmistakable odour of cat pee in the toilet. Tonight it happened again.

and anon....

You'll have to bring your camera and record this--it's true, there are a few examples on the internet, we've just discovered, because people do train their cats to use the toilet (a friend of mine did), what is fucked up in this instance, is that he just spontaneously decided to do it. I found a video online of a cat that flushes. That's the next step.

But it's just funny. Because he has no instincts for doing this. It's a result ofsheerly watching us and wanting to imitate us. What if tomorrow I wake up to hear the shower running. And then I notice Tomas's breath smells minty fresh. And then one day we happen to notice Tomas is wearing a shirt, and boxers; loafers. And soon he's in a suit, and got a day job. Eventually he tells us he got a lease on a nice condo by the Drake and he packs up and moves out. Our little kitty's all grown up. Toilet training is just the beginning.

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