20 February 2007

the little old lady in woolie underthings

called our office again today. Poor old dear. Coco is sure it was her.
This time she was asking for sock stretchers.
When she hung up, we were quite flummoxed at how she managed to call the same wrong number twice. Someone had the clever idea that we should call the number she thought she was calling when she reached us, and before a second had passed, Coco had dialed the number, and most assertively and confidently asked the person on the other end if they sold wool underwear.
The gentleman said no.
But he seemed non-plussed by the question, like it was a matter of course, said Coco when queried. Who knew.

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RSS said...

Not just "no"! She said promptly, "Cotton and polyester only." It was clearly a common question and a more reasonable one than I ever expected.

This time of year, one can't take the fabric of one's underthings seriously enough.