18 February 2007


poem #3: no. (cute edits, though)
poem #4: no.

And with that, I'm going to have to graciously bow out of the challenge.
So early, it's true. My attention span is a fickle thing, easily grasped and just as easily swayed.
Poetry evaluation just doesn't match my time-wasting mantra, where this blog is concerned.

It's a very clever idea though, and I do thank you for thinking of me, Robert.
I would propose that you continue posting your poetic discoveries on your blog and open up the challenge to all readers, many of whom will have much more entertaining criticism than I on the subject.

In light of all this and in conclusion, I do retract my statement of two years (or whenever) ago. It's not that I don't like poetry, i like the poetry that I like.
Thank you for an eye-opening experience.

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bobsyblog said...

Four Poems! indeed. But however many Deep Literary Issues might have been discussed along the way, the contest was supposed to be Fun, and if it's Not Fun it Stops.

I invented it as a tease, a challenge, and an entertainment. It's already served another purpose: I suspect you'll look at poetry a little more closely (while continuing to like what you like, as you should) and I've started an exploration to expose, and begin to resolve, my own artistic/critical complacencies.

Meanwhile, as it hardly got started, I suggest we split the bet and owe two bucks apiece to a deserving charity. How about: buy a free drink for an artist? Any one will do. Theatre, lit'r'ry, visual... Seems right.

A good thing to do on all occasions anyway.