22 February 2007

Remarkably age-ed.

My cahoot Willow and I started an AGYU bookmaking workshop for teens yesterday. It went swimmingly. I had a moment when I realized that students will tell you what they want to learn if you ask enough questions, which i love. It must be all my montessori coming through, but I'm a huge fan of the open table/conversation method of teaching, or what little I know about it. Anyhow everyone seemed revved by the end of the class, so I have a feeling some great stuff is gonna come out of this course, all 'round.

My favourite moment in the class; Whilst showing the kids Shan's hipster bingo gameboard:

q: "So, what does the word hipster mean to you guys?"
(vacant stares and quiet)
q: "Hmm. Are you familiar with the term at all?"
a: "uh, yeah, like, BACK IN THE DAY!"

Time does move on, doesn't it.


RSS said...

Funnee. But do you think they mean hispters in the 1940s sense? (Am I just in denial?) Until I came to Toronto, I thought of the term only in that sense. Because we were (it was you and me, wasn't it?) trying to break down a definition before anyway, I looked this up, and Wikipedia says:

"Hipsters is a term used to describe those individuals devoted to retro fashions, independent music and film, alternative comics, and other forms of expression that are popular in hipster subculture. The term is sometimes used as a blanket descriptor for fans of indie rock and roll music. More generally, trendsetters in fashion are sometimes called hipsters. Robert Lanham, author of the parody The Hipster Handbook, explains that "The Hipster walks among the masses in daily life but is not a part of them and shuns or reduces to kitsch anything held dear by the mainstream.""

This is kind of interesting:



steflenk said...


So True! I wonder. I might ask them today. somehow your link got attached to your signature, tho', so i'm repasting it, without the xococo. Although, the world would be a better place if url addresses all ended in xococo.