05 January 2007

The Oddities.

and now that this Christmas gift has at last found its owner, well, I can post it. Rife with errors, inconsistencies, misplaced copy, but still I was rather pleased that my year-long collection of the office emails made its way into a little book, which I fondly call the Brick Oddities.
208 pages. Holy Cow. We all, might I boast, give Very Good Email.

(click on picture to see back-cover copy.)

I have one lending copy in my library. Interested parties please contact me to borrow it.

But until then, I have garnered permission to publish some of the more recent missives, the ones that arrived after "publication". And until I am quieted, you, dear reader(s) shall reap the fruits of our daily labours.

from: managing editor
subject: Some Changes around here.
date: Thursday, January 4, 2007 3.27 PM

I have a letter from someone who signs himself so: Andy McDonald, B.A.

I find it so delightfully pretentious, that in future I shall sign myself (RSS), B.A. I expect you to address me as such (comme ca: "Rebecca, B.A., will you please pass me a cookie"). Also I expect the attendant heightened respect of my newly acknowledged credentials.
(You can do this too if you like. For instance: stef lenk, O.Y.O.U.B.D.O.F.R.U/R.O.S.L.E.A.U.T.A.F.B.F.E.I.B.P.F.B.E.W.N.B.L.C. (One Year of University Before Dropping Out For Reasons Unknown; Reams Of Subsequent Life Experience And Unparalleled Travel Adventures Followed By Formal Education In Book Publishing Followed By Employment With Nerdy But Loving Colleagues).

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