05 January 2007

Shannon Gerard, you are the Coolest BookMaker on this Planet.

I am a subscriber to a series of books called "Stones and Ghosts", made by one Shannon Gerard, artist and bookmaker extraordinaire of Toronto. Her books are Unsurpassed. I encourage you, I harangue you, I Implore you; click here and look. Seriously.

It has been a short while since the last one arrived, Naturally, I thought, given the holidays and all manner of insanity.
Chatting with her in person a couple of days ago, she mentioned she had done another one, and that they were in her bag, no less.

And then today, in the mail, I got a 26 page hand-made book called "intermission", containing 26 drawings from Miz Gerard's latest venture interruptus, an illustration job of 500 (FIVE HUNDRED) drawings for a school phonics book, that needed to be completed in two months. TWO MONTHS.

I get my books in the mail without fail, even if we happen upon each other in real life, because this is the nature of the project. So, amidst the useless fliers, bills, and other atrocities with which we desecrate our postal system, are these tiny gems that arrive periodically.

And, not even just the scheduled subscription, it seems, but Glorious books made Above and Beyond the call of duty. Untold Glee, I tell you. And awe-inspiring. And bloggable gratitude. Everything.

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