05 January 2007

see, it's stuff like this that makes me happy in the mornings.

SO Happy. Like chuckling to myself in an empty apartment at 8.46am happy.
not to mention that it anticipates lunch.
and i love lunch.

Today's Word: Borborygm (Noun)

Pronunciation: [bor-bê-'rig-êm]

Definition 1: The gurgling sounds made by the stomach after eating.

Usage 1: The plural is "borborygmi" and the adjective "borborygmic." Borborygmi form the gastromantic data base (see WotD Archives for "gastromancy"). "Borborology" is a both rare and archaic alternate with an unexpected meaning: profanity. However, it is difficult not to believe that gastromantics are students of borborology, not of profanity but of borborygmi.

Suggested Usage: Today we offer you a more presentable expression for the less acceptable "gut-rumblings." Use it judiciously, "The conversation around the campfire was accompanied by borborygmic remnants of the evening meal." Elizabeth Fenwick wrote in 'Long Way Down' (1959), "The room was very quiet, except for its borborygmic old radiator."

Etymology: Borrowed into English from Greek borbor-ugmos via French "borborygme." This is a clear example of Greek onomatopoeia, the imitation of a real sound in the sound of the word referring to it. It is odd the French and English did not simplify this word to "borborism" as the Greeks ultimately did. (We are grateful to suspected gastromantic Kate Johnson for today's postgastronomical term.)


Paula said...

I love lunch as well!

Nice to see your return to blogdom, lady!


steflenk said...

Thank you and Indeeed!!!! WOOHOO!!!!